Friday, May 16, 2008

Harper and Wicker at Lake Fest

WTOK - Political Candidates Stump At Lake Fest - The town of Lake may be small, but every year Lake Fest attracts some big political names. Last year it was Haley Barbour, and this year a pair of Congressional hopefuls headed to the tiny town on the Scott and Newton County border. Roger Wicker and Gregg Harper both know how important small town America is to their respective campaign. Harper also spent part of his day at Collinsville's Lively Arts Festival. "It's always about going out and grassroots (campaigns). In Mississippi people still expect to be asked for a vote, and this is the way you go and do it. What a great day to be in Lake," said Gregg Harper - Republican, Candidate, US House District 3. "There are obviously a lot of folks that live in Lake that drive a good distance to go to work, maybe in other areas. It is hurting in everybody's pocketbook and we've got to do something about that. Certainly long-term we have got to be able to build some more oil refineries, you've got to be able to drill for oil in Alaska and offshore," said Harper.

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